Xtreme Interval Training – What You Need to Know

Rumor has it, this thing is like army boot camp and ninja warrior had a one night stand and produced an unholy offspring that disguises itself as a circuit class…  Once you experience XIT, you’ll never be satisfied with traditional circuit training classes again.  Train with us and your body will begin to crave the […]

Buffalo Chicken Rolls

This is a great appetizer that tastes like a chicken wing but without being fried in damaged oils and with the added bonus of the ultra-healthy cabbage.  If your family likes buffalo chicken wings, they will love this recipe.  Make it for a party, while watching sports, or pack them in a lunchbox. Buffalo Chicken […]

Summer Safety Tip – Fun in the Sun!

          As your family prepares to head out for long hot days at the beach this summer, we would like you to keep in mind some very important facts about skin cancer and summer safety.  Dr. Heidi does an Advanced Workshop presentation every year as we approach this time of year, […]