The road to true health can be long and uncertain. There is so much information impressed upon us from all sides. Body Evolution is here to help you make sense of it all and keep you on the right track. We are passionate about the services and resources we provide because helping you achieve the health goals you have set for yourself and your family is our mission.

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We believe everyone can achieve optimal health and functional living through Chiropractic and Fitness.


Dr. Heidi truly cares about the health and well being of her patients and their families.  Start with a low cost, high quality exam with Dr. Heidi today.   


Coach Pj’s fitness classes accommodate athletes of all levels.  Take your body and mind out of its comfort zone and gain a Zero Quit attitude!    


We are proud to be one of the few Chiropractic offices in the San Diego area that offers K-Laser treatments.  Learn more about the benefits of this cutting edge treatment. 


If you are suffering from pain, fatigue, anxiety, or infertility and conventional medicine hasn’t worked for you, let us to introduce you to Angela Yvonne and this time-tested healing modality.

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Your Guides to Better Health!

The Core Four

Education, Nervous System, Nutrition, and Exercise. These are the four pillars of good health!

Xtreme Interval Training

A different take on circuit training!  People of all fitness levels have come here to reach their fitness goals.

Body Reset

Amazing changes happen in your body when you cut out sugar for 30 days.  Give it a try!

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